28 September 2008

Orcinus orca: the killer whale

Orcinus orca, the scientific name of the orca or killer whale. It means something like the creature from hell.

If I am not mistaken, this is Ruffles. He is the oldest male (they say 60 years old) of the pod. He is called Ruffles for the shape of his dorsal fin (see next picture).

Our captain knew the orca’s by heart because of the form of their dorsal fin. The upper left orca is Ruffles.

This is a male from a resident group of more than 50 orca’s.

Resident orca’s hunt mostly for salmon. Transient orca’s are the ones hunting whales.

We had a wonderful trip on a zodiac with a captain that knew – as he said and did – when to shut up. Just what I like: I want to enjoy them in all quietness.
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The captain trying to catch salmon to lure a bald eagle.

He did catch a lingcod, Bassozetus elongatus, that he released. No good for luring a bald eagle.

The bald eagle.

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